Poetry of People / Day 31

Today, we connected with Katy, 32, from San Francisco, Ca. 

"I don't like being photographed, something about a cage, a reductionistic lens; 

I get why native peoples say to have your photo taken is to [have] your soul stolen. 

I think about these things often lately, 

I'm studying counseling psychology,

which I understand to be the art of loving what is, understanding that nothing is permanent, each moment slipping into the next; the mind makes things static which really are not. 

Everything is change. 

So photos, they're ideas, fixed in time, the flow arrested, which is strange and beautiful at once. 

I'm a gardener, 

I watch everything grow and fade and grow again around me; 

I take photos to remember that nothing's ever the same."

IG: @poetryofpeople