Our Sophisticated Denial

Our Sophisticated Denial is a commentary on the cultural creation of disposable of waste products.  a live performance installation featuring artists Jen Fedrizzi and Kat Culture.

It seems nearly impossible to purchase items that do not come with some kind of disposable waste product these days or to walk down the street without seeing garbage on the sidewalks or in gutters. Our modern culture continues to create an unmanageable amount of refuse garbage that contributes to disastrous effects on our oceans, waterways, marine animals, landfills, and feeding a culture of immediacy and impermanence. Consumerism fuels a fire that is burning up our planetary resources in exchange for plastic products and a single use mentality.

This piece speaks to the inherited culture of carefully crafted consumerism, unlimited consumption, incautious use of resources and irresponsible disposal of cheap production. Trash and discarded goods are consuming the planet without anywhere to go. It doesn’t go “away.” If we continue to hyper-consume, we will bury ourselves with our own rubbish. How can we shift collective behavior and attitudes away from mindlessly consuming single use items and non-biodegradable products toward ethically produced and long lasting goods?

Our Sophisticated Denial took place in the window at Artists' Television Access as part of "Almost Public/Semi-Exposed 4.”

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