Poetry of People / 197

We connected with Ray, 47, from Lone Pine, Ca. 

"Love for life & others began today.

Walking for water in the Mojave Sun, 

I witnessed her smile along the way.

Her blue sparkling eyes,

her pink red rose colored lips,

her long brown hair in two pony tail ties. 

In this moment I am most present,

she walks toward me,

coming near

my heart races quickly,

as the river draws near."


Poetry of People / 195

We connected with Farah, 23, from Monterey, Ca.

"Internally something shifts

A soft churning of the heart

I slip into a dream 

Where love's gone sour

All lemony and cold

Let's be glow worms

And light up the dirt

There's a shadow in your eyes

Even after daylight fades

I want to kiss away 

Your dark spots

Replace them with butterflies."

IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / 190

Today, we connected with Jenny, 33, a citizen of the world. 

"Swirling chaos of the world

Unwind, rewind slow it down

Can I squeeze a drop of stillness

For my being, my sanity, my breath


Heavy breath, collapsing in

In on myself

With what can I fill me

Lightness, freedom, open wide


Sucked inwards again

Rings of torture/hell

Engraved, repeated patterns

Vibrating insanity again."

IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / 188

Today, we connected with Wil, 30, from Walla Walla, Wa. 

"Balance. Transition. Timing.


Release from the old, past, tired way of doing

Accept, encourage, & nurture the fear. 


Risk has rarely tasted so sweet...

Ripe, juicy, tart, tangie, & delicious. 


Engulf the new-new...

Abandon the boo-boo...

Always leave space for love."

IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / 186

Today, we connected with Gabriel, 27, from San Francisco, Ca. 


Expanding from the point of impact,

A smile in passing, 

A turning to face

A seed echoes;

Reflections of what came before us;

Morning bells, 

All is frozen but the beating in my chest, 

Her eyes are open,

All is golden, 

Eyes sapphire and teal


Expanding from the point of impact;

A smile in passing, 

A turing to face, 

A seed.

Riverside lullaby, 

A waking dream, 

Echoing into countless possibility, 

Before us, 

an awaiting."

IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / 182

Today, we connected with Sarah, 34, from Chico, Ca. 


'I love you'...

spoken in silent words 

as first light crests over Inyo's, 

as the Pleiades part with their own place in the darkness.

And this new day sun welcomes us into her warm embrace 

as we Pilgrims explore the ceremony of reconciliation 

in this delicate place."


IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / 180

Today, we connected with Jasmine, 28, from Bishop, Ca. 

"The sound of pilgrims walking resonates like the memory of all of life living in your cells, 

Your bones like stones carry the wisdom of the whales, 

Your blood water the same as the womb of our brother, 

And the air you breathe shared by all who were born and have died within one dream, 


Remember this in your fear, your love, your bliss, 

Remember as you pass through deserts, 

And when you bring the rain to meet your lips, 

Remember when you hold your baby close and look into her eyes

that she too carries the memory of all life."

IG: @poetryofpeople