Poetry of People / Day 88

Today, we connected with Ryan from San Diego, Ca.

"Coming out of the darkness

The brightness of the moon

Full Moon

Giving way to darkness created by the darkness.

That darkness revealing the universe behind it

Light is always there,

Engulfs us

But in that darkness behind it,

Everything is the universe.



that darkness has to cast over everything

in order for the brightness to give way

to the colors of the universe to reveal themselves.

This is only within the eclipse tonight,


were we able to see all the stars.

Being here with all these people dancing the night away

Dancing under that moon


ourselves of everything we've left left behind

and with the Moon recovering,

we let go of everything we've left behind to awaken ourselves to the new dawn.

The beginning to a new day.

Who knows where we'll go."

IG: @poetryofpeople