Poetry of People / 175

Today, we connected with Michael, 68, from Tehran, Iran. 

"The most nicest thing in the world.

get together with your family

stay away from trabel

not to heyt people

help to whom need help

be nice to home less or poor & drug addict or other addict people

help them as much as you can 

please believe this 

what go's (around comes around)

love people & put heyt away."

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Poetry of People / 174

Today, we connected with Domenico, 36, from Lamezia Terme, Nicastro, Italy.

"I'm here at Kennedy's.

It's the end of the summer. 

The bartender is leaving for good. 

I sat on the patio to enjoy myself.

When I ran into Luis and Jennifer. 

All because of a picture and now many more. 

It's just what I was looking for I guess."

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Poetry of People / 171

Today, we connected with Jackelyn, 24, from San Francisco, Ca. 

"All you have to do is believe. 

It's as if the muscles in your body 

and the circumstances of your situation don't matter. 

All time stops and you're left

with your heart, soul, and a drop of courage. 

You don't think something will happen?

Take a step back, visualize it, and it will be okay. 

Take a deep breath, ask yourself how much this means to you and try again. 

There is always a way, 

always a chance,

always a possibility if you try.

Love is on your side."

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Poetry of People / 168

Today, we connected with Walter, 25, from Palo Alto, Ca. 

"From where do I come 

Where do I belong 

This pack is growing lighter 

The journey never ending 

What doesn't serve me 

Cannot stay for long 

My vision is growing clearer 

My desires falling away 

Perhaps home is beneath my feet 

I've been here all along."

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Poetry of People / 166

Today, we connected with Anouk, 28, from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"A step to the left and I would fall 

A step to the right and I would stumble 

Yet my feet find solid ground 

On the path of doubt 


Every conviction 

No matter how sure and certain 

Sends me back 

In the direction towards doubt 


There is no other place 

Where everything makes sense 

Except for 

Where doubt might be found 


We recognize each other 

You are also one of those 

We meet 

Searching for doubt 


When certainty crumbles 

We find shelter 

Where doubt is living 

In us."

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Poetry of People / 164

Today, we connected with Darin, 25, from Madison, Wisconsin. 


A landscape always seems to have its chorus. 

How an item placed upon in interact

Is up to the resiliency 

which is the most miraculous gift.


The landscapes always seem to have their chorus'

How the items placed upon them interact 

is up to the resiliencies 

which is the most miraculous gift 


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Poetry of People / 163

Today, we connected with Mark, 28, from Newton, Massachusetts.

"Sipping seltzer water from a can 

My sister taught me to enjoy it 

We used to eat big hunks of extra sharp cheddar cheese 

And sit on the floor heating vent in the winter while eating cereal 

She lives in North Carolina now and 

I'm in San Francisco

Where winter's very mild 

And seltzer is cool and refreshing."

Day 163.jpg

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