Poetry of People / 197

We connected with Ray, 47, from Lone Pine, Ca. 

"Love for life & others began today.

Walking for water in the Mojave Sun, 

I witnessed her smile along the way.

Her blue sparkling eyes,

her pink red rose colored lips,

her long brown hair in two pony tail ties. 

In this moment I am most present,

she walks toward me,

coming near

my heart races quickly,

as the river draws near."



Poetry of People / Day 93

Today, we connected with Andrew, 21, from Sonoma County, Ca. 

Like Water

"I wish my thoughts flowed like water, 

stream to stream, river to river, lake to ocean, 

wish they would join one another harmoniously gaining velocity, 

Accumulating volume on its path to the bigger picture, 

But they fucking don't 

I long for my words to become fire 

start with a spark and end with an unvanquishable blaze, 

Burn down arguments and hateful ideology 

leaving nothing but fertilizing ashes, 

warm any soul in cold desperation; light any flame in any heart, 

yet most of the time, they fucking won't."

IG: @poetryofpeople