Poetry of People / 127

Today, we connected with Lauren, 21, from Orange, Ca.

"I hope you sleep well tonight

and that everything in your life is going alright.

You are a radiant soul

that has been dampened by your surroundings

of the life you have been living.

I hope you get to shine your light & warmth throughout as much of the world as possible.

Your ideas are unique, and not easy to come by & I hope that despite how rare they are, you continue to share & spread them with the full confidence that they are what the world needs to be a better place.

Your inquisitive mind is extraordinary & capable of exposing so many aspects of life,

that are worthy of attention."

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IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / Day 98

Today, we connected with Adam, 19, from Stockton, Ca. 

"My body always seems warm 

even in the cold it is warm 

as if the exterior of my body 

is reflecting internal feelings, 


When you find yourself obsessing over words 

because you've finally found a voice.

The heat of my skin has me wondering if it means 

I'm burning out 

too bright 

too fast 

like the movements I make 

Smiles taken for more. 

Nods taken for more. 

I always feel I'm giving too much. 

Going too fast

My body seems so hot 

I'm afraid I'm burning out."

IG: @poetryofpeople

Poetry of People / Day 51

Today, we connected with Emilie from France. 

"We all are beautiful spirits, made to expand our light and be free.

Happiness and joy are our true nature.

Experience Life, don't forget to enjoy the road and have fun.

We all are spiritual beings here to experience and enjoy being on Earth.

So do what you make you feel the most alive, 

Let your soul shine through, Quiet your mind to listen to your heart, 

And trust your brightest visions and intuition, 

Because all we need is Faith, Love and Light to make all our wildest dreams come true."

IG: @poetryofpeople