Poetry of People / 196

We connected with Joshua Cook, 36, from nowhere, man. 



She asked me to white something clever-

No, she didn't 

She asked me to write a poem!...

(There's a difference.)

How subtle do you want this to be?

How dressed in imagistic transgressions of intellectual proprieties?

(I told you, I'm good at one of these things.)


Daren't you share this with anyone-

This is for Your Eyes Only

(Like a Roger Moore-era Bond film)

This is for your private collection

(Like the collectors of priceless paintings)

((Only no price can be applied to this little scrubgrass thought-dream unless, of course, I'm famous and dead.)

May the mighty pen move my hand 

to move your heart

to move mountains. 

May my expressions be touched by an angel 

That I become the messenger-vessel."

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