Chapter of a Desert / Walking Water

Owen's Valley, California.

In a dry California desert, they join hands. Together, to listen to the water. To speak the language of the land. To feel the heartbeat of the earth. Fires in the distance, wind blows upon sunburnt faces, blistered feet wrapped in dust covered bandages. Wisdom spoken from elders, global citizens and birds soaring high above. What is possible becomes prevalent, knowing the other is you and we are the other. 

We walk 

To heal water 

To heal love

To heal the land

To listen

To learn

To surrender

For those who came before

For those who helped destroy

For the next 7 generations

For the silence

We walk

“Nature gives happiness to us… our happiness is the seed of peace.”

-Rajendra Singh

To find out more about Walking Water or how to get involved, please visit their website.